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Paya Resin                                                  Products Data Sheet


Description:PAYTEX-M 10C is a carboxylated styrene butadiene copolymer contain an anionic/nonionic emulsifier system for combination with cement, lime, gypsum,… PAYTEX-M 10C has a liquefying effect and reduces the water requirement at the same mortar without PAYTEX-M 10C.This latex not required film forming agent and plasticizer and has no corrosion promoting action on steel. Addition of PAYTEX-M 10C improves: 1-workability 2-flexural strength 3-abrasion water/chemical/alkalin region resistance 4-wet adhesion of fresh mortar.

Typical Data:

Property Value Unit
Appearance White liquid -
Solid 49-50 %
Ph 7/5-8/5 -
Viscosity * 300 - 600 Cp
Tg 10 ºC
Mfft(minimum film formation temperature) 15 ºC
Mechanical Stability Very good -
Emulsifier A/N -
Plasticizer 0 -
Specific Gravity(at 25ºC) 1.01 g/cm3  

*Brookfield viscometer DV-II+pro sp 63,100rpm . must be stored in 5-40 ºc and under cover to avoid rain,frost and sunlight
Packing: 200 kg PE (Poly Ethylene) drum . Bulk (4000 kgs and 13000 kgs) in stainless steel tank
A Primary material for industries without of environmental problems. These data are typical values and cannot be construed as a specification.
Uses: Use for Builing, industry .

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