Paya resin

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About Paya Resin: Paya Resin Company in 1992 with thought of producing emulsion resins and improving the quality level and innovation in productions was founded in Iran-Isfahan Industrial zone. This company has been experiencing in production and innovation for 15 years. To resolve the problems in different industries of country especially textile, building, color and resin industries, this company is trying to produce the various productions and to deliver them to consumption market. Paya Resin Company not only by relying on experienced personnel, recognizing and investigating the needs of different industries for raw materials and using its ability and innovation but also by using the knowledge and technology of the world has tried to grant the needs. By using its knowledge and experiences this company has produced another production named S. B. L (Latex butadiene styrene copolymer) for the first time in Iran and has delivered it to the consumption market. By producing the S. B. L there is no need to import it from other countries for Iran s industries, and the condition for more exploitation of these industries in mass production is ready. Paya Resin the pioneer in Iran Resin Industry Related Products

Address:No.11, ninth St., first Phase,industrial serahi Mobarake Township, Isfahan, Iran
Fax: +983152374304